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Charlie Arthur has been performing since a very young age, having been involved with as many musical ensembles, theatrical productions, short films, and middle school dance battles as he could seek out. He discovered his love for contemporary vocal music when he joined Forte, the award-winning a cappella group at Centerville High School. In Forte, Charlie received national recognition as a vocal percussionist, and he began arranging, recording, producing, and teaching vocal music. Over the last three years, these experiences have sent him across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, workshopping and performing for vocal groups, as well as sharing his zeal for music and human connection. Charlie also has a deep interest in logic and reasoning, which has helped him develop his understanding of language and game theory, as well as the inner-machinations of music theory. He plans to gain a stronger foundation in jazz harmony, big band writing, and written word so that he can do his part in helping reignite the Roaring 20’s.